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Best Beauty Finds of the Summer

First of all, I just LOVE summertime.  Even if I wasn’t a teacher and didn’t have all summer off, I would still love it.  Sunshine.  Pool days.  Paddleboarding.  That bronzed-sunkissed look.  Fresh mojitos on the patio… summer is just pure bliss!

There are quite a few products that I am totally loving on right now, in the dead of summer, and today I am sharing them with you!

CHI® PRO Low EMF hairdryer

I have naturally curly hair, even though I hardly ever style it that way.  This poses an issue when trying to blow dry my crazy locks.  It takes FOREVER to dry, the frizz easily gets out of control (no matter how much or what type of product I use), and I end up looking like a poodle who has been electrocuted.  Sexy, right?  That’s why the CHI® hairdryer has been a lifesaver!  It takes about five minutes (no joke) to dry my hair and there is hardly any frizz!  I can even get away with no other hair primping aside from my CHI® blow dry for a day look!  That’s a first.  Thanks, CHI®!

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

Sephora Micro Smooth Baked Sculpting Trio in 01 Light

I have been using this sculpting palette for quite a while now.  The colors are perfect for a variety of skin tones and offer a hint of shimmer.  I use this palette year-round but add a little extra bronzer this time of year.  It saves me from buying separate foundation and concealer just for summer, when I’m all bronzed up.  No one likes that “tan body, ghost face” look…  Sephora’s palette fixes it right up.

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - ConquerBest Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

GT’s SYNERGY Organic Kombucha in Guava Goddess

I am all about raw foods.  They keep my tummy slim and happy.  Guava Goddess tastes delicious and goes down all too quickly.  I keep one of these in the refrigerator for when I need a little extra pick me up.  It’s a REAL treat when you’re also getting a pedicure, as seen in my photograph…

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien

Don’t let the funny color name fool you, this lip pencil is MAGIC.  Like the Sephora bronzing palette, it is the perfect color for multiple skin tones.  You can layer on more or less depending on how much color you’re after.  I have been using this lip pencil every single day!  It’s my new fave, especially when I glide it on over my next beauty pick…

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - ConquerBest Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

Chap Stick Moisture Lock

This double-sided wonder contains two different formulas: moisturize and renew.  I usually use a bit of both, in no particular order.  It’s a great stand alone for a natural look and is also the perfect base for a lip color (like the NARS pencil above) or a shiny gloss.

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

Jessica Simpson Jamallo Wedges in Burnt Umber

Guys.  These are the best shoes I’ve ever owned!  The leather upper is soft and pliable preventing any sort of rubbing or blisters while the beautiful and chic design keeps you on point with any style you’re rockin’.  I have worn these everywhere from a bridal shower and rehearsal dinner to a girls’ night out and mimosa brunch.  Check them out!

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

Ralph Lauren Aviator Sunglasses

My Ralph sunnies have been in my life for almost five years and I refuse to purchase anything else.  The gold rims and bone colored arms give these babies a timeless, classic look that nothing can replace.  Even after all this time, they are my favorite item in my bag.  All.  Year.  Long.

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - ConquerBest Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

Living Proof: Perfect Hair Day® Dry Shampoo

I’ve tried many dry shampoos but they either smelled way too strong and perfume-y or left a yucky, greasy residue.  Some dry shampoos I tried were so terrible that I ended up washing my hair to get it out and starting over from scratch.  Talk about time consuming… not to mention, a waste of money.  I was completely turned off to dry shampoos until this little miracle came into my life.  Living Proof’s PHD® dry shampoo (along with all of their other products, but that’s a whole separate post) actually CLEANS YOUR HAIR.  It absorbs dirt and oil using this white powdery substance.  You shake, shake, shake, spray on your roots, and then wait 30 seconds before touching.  The areas you sprayed will start to turn white.  This is NORMAL.  Don’t freak out.  After the 30 seconds are over, use your fingers to shake out the powder and volumize.  The results are matted roots and a crisp, clean scent. Love.

Best Beauty Finds of the Summer - ConquerBest Beauty Finds of the Summer - Conquer

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your thoughts on them?  Did I leave anything off the list that you think is a summer beauty must have?  Let me know in the comments!

Wake and Conquer!


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  2. I had no idea you had naturally curly hair! This gives me hope for my frizzy locks! Might have to breakdown and spend the money on the CHI hairdryer that I’ve debated buying in the past. Thanks for the post!

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